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AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS Master Mike 40mm Airsoft Grenade


New Master Mike Grenade 40mm up to 100 BBs offers a range of up to 18 meters, a dispersion of 3 meters 6 meters and a capacity of 220 fps Outstanding Performance, Master Mike is the Grenade gas Midrange more effective world Features: · range up to 18 meters: Get a dispersion of 3 meters 6 meters! Unmatched range! Experience the dominant you can be with this Grenade · 100 BBs: hits hard and hits 100 times. Master Mike is easy to load and easy to shoot · Increased number of fps shooting: shoot 100 BBs with an output of up to 220 fps Compatible with Green Gas or propane · DO NOT USE: HPA, CO2, NUPROL 3.0, NUPROL 4.0 or any other high pressure gas

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