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AIRTECH STUDIOS ICS TDC Top-Down-Centre Hop-Up Converter

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TDC (Top Down Center) is designed so that the ICS Hop-up chamber works perfectly with R-Hop configurations. The longer patch achieves an improvement in the accuracy and consistency of the shot, generally for DMR sniper builds. The product is made up of 4 parts: 1. Main bracket: fits inside the chamber and acts as a guide to move the cart up and down. It is designed to restrict movement in any other axial direction apart from the vertical axis. 2. The carriage is placed inside the bracket and can only move up and down the vertical axis controlled by the bracket. 3. The M-nub ensures an evenly distributed force applied to the R-Hop head. This, in turn, ensures that the patch can maximize its application on the ball to obtain the most stable and uniform spin for the much desired R-hop performance. It is attached to the car through a strong 3M adhesive label. 4. Lastly, the modified arm is used to apply the desired force to the carriage and the R-Hop head.Features: · Increases shooting accuracy and consistency · Sturdy polycarbonate construction

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