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AIRTECH STUDIOS ICS / KWA Advanced Hop-Up Chamber Inner Barrel Ring

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The lock ring is designed to replace the original ring (usually brass). With the original there is a tendency for an unstable gap between the components that will tilt the barrel. Once the new locking ring is installed, it will ensure a perfect fit to restrict barrel movement within the Hop-up chamber. It will secure the inner barrel and stay firmly locked in the true horizontal position even when shooting, which is the time when there is the most stress and vibration in the Hop-up chamber. The shots will be more consistent and accurate. The new locking ring is longer to block more of the internal barrel and the surface area of ​​the hop-up chamber to further stabilize the system. move in the rifle, Especially on the internal barrel / hop-up, it must be strictly blocked to eliminate factors that could affect the consistency of the shots. This update is for those who strive to achieve absolute perfection in their weapon configuration.Features: · Fully locks the internal barrel and Hop-up chamber · Elongated O-ring to better engage the internal barrel · Prevents vibrations between barrel and chamber · Improves shot consistency · Rugged polycarbonate construction Compatibility: · Rotary ICS · Rotary KWA *** Hop-Up chamber not included

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