ABBEY Maintenance Gas 144a 270ml

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All new marker Airsoft spend much time in transport and stored until they reach the player. This can result in drying of the boards and therefore a sealed unsatisfactory. This causes a reduction in performance and in extreme cases the macadora Airsoft not move at all. To get the best performance from your new marker will have to lubricate the internal parts of it and disassembly may not be your first opción.Las old marker Airsoft, especially when stored in warm modern houses, they may suffer the same problems. Often they will recommend replacing the seals, spending money and time on ello.Por luck Abbey has an answer to these problems. You may return to your marking its maximum power without disassembly. ABBEY using Maintenance Gas 144a rejuvenate your gun quickly and easily. It has also been mixed to give the same power as the original gas recommended by the manufacturer. ABBEY Maintenance Gas 144a is a carefully selected mixture of gases to produce adequate power. Our only lubricant UPL is designed to be stable in the gaseous state. It is not separated and sinks to the bottom of the can as with other gases competition. Maintenance Gas 144a ABBEY not damage or break your gun. Simply fill the magazine with ABBEY Maintenance Gas 144a and rejuvenate your marker while still enjoying the juego.El regular use of ABBEY Maintenance Gas 144a maintain the reliability, power and performance in their markers of Airsoft.ABBEY Maintenance Gas 144a will resurrect ,

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